We offer aerial series/classes, private lessons, and parties for kids ages 7-16. Our specialties are aerial hoop, hammock, silks, trapeze, flexibility, and all things upside down.

We’re Shine Kids! A place for kids to learn aerial arts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area! 


Meet the team

Eré started her aerial journey in 2015 when she stumbled into a pole studio. She quickly fell in love with aerial arts, soon after she found herself specializing in Lyra. Ere has performed on Lyra, silks, and aerial cube but she enjoys all apparatuses.

Ere graduated in 2015 with a Degree in Child Learning and Development from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has 5 years of experience in education and has taught grade levels PK3 through 5th grade. Ere has experience in several classroom settings including Special Needs and Bilingual. Most recently she was a Bilingual 1st-grade teacher.

Ere has been teaching aerials since 2015 and is certified in Beginner and Intermediate Lyra. Ere is the Team Lead for all steel apparatuses (hoop and trapeze) at Shine.

Shine Aerial Hoop Master Instructor
Spin City Beginner Lyra Certified
Spin City Intermediate Lyra Certified
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Trapeze
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Hoop

Steel Team Lead

Eré Dominguez

Kylee has been working with children since 2012. After four years as a preschool teacher, she became a full-time nanny for several years.

Kylee worked with the Ready, Set, Teach program that allowed her to student teach at a local Elementary school. Kylee also assisted in elementary P.E. as an assistant teacher. Kylee has also coached recreation soccer for ages 5-8.

Shine Pole Fitness Master Instructor
Shine Beginner Aerial Hoop Certified

Pole Team Lead

Kylee Harmon

Frieda has danced all her life, learning to teach and choreograph from many mentors. Through her dance journey, she learned that the body can accomplish amazing things through movement. In 2012, she was introduced to aerial silks via a theatrical production. Performing on the silks felt nothing like she has ever experienced. In 2015, Frieda started teaching silks to kids and in 2016, adults. Her aerial journey has brought more knowledge and awareness of her body than she has ever known. Learning and teaching silks is a seriously fun challenge. It is much more than tricks and feats of strength. It teaches you to try new things. Things that will take you out of your comfort zone. You might fail. You might get back up and try again and be stronger than you were. You will even explore your limits, be vulnerable and even feel silly at times. Frieda can't wait to guide her students through this remarkable exploration. 

Aerial Physique Level 1 Silks
Aerial Physique Level 2 Silks

Fabric Team Lead

Frieda Austin

Moe is the mom of a 7-year-old boy. Moe has been teaching aerials to children since 2017.

Shine Aerial Hoop Master Instructor
Shine Beginner Hammock Certified
Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop
Spin City Anatomy and Physiology Foundations
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Trapeze
2nd Place Master Lyra Division at South West Aerial Arts Championships
Rigging 101 & 102 with Brett Copes

Equipment Coordinator
Steel instructor

Moe Ferrari


Age Requirements
Shine Fitness Studio's Youth Program is composed of series classes, private lessons, and summer camps. Youth students are also eligible for Open Studio on a by-approval basis.

Students who are aged 16 and older may attend adult classes. We recommend that students who are transitioning from the youth program to the adult program work with their current instructor to assess maturity level and fit for adult classes.

Open Studio
Students aged 12 and up may only attend Open Studio with prior approval from their regular instructor. Our Front Desk keeps a list of Open Studio approved youth students.

To be cleared for Open Studio, we recommend that students who are not currently enrolled in a series classes do a 30-Minute Assessment with a youth instructor to ensure they are ready to safely train on their own in Open Studio. Attending Open Studio safely for any student includes being able to complete a full body warm up on their own, engaging in skill-appropriate practice, sharing space with adult students, and following all studio safety rules.

All youth students must have a parent or guardian present during Open Studio for the full duration of their training. For most youth students, we recommend that they train for a maximum of one hour during Open Studio, though exceptions may be made for students who train aerial and circus skills at a pre-professional level (6+ hours per week).

Bathroom Breaks
There are not designated bathroom breaks for youth classes. We strongly recommend that parents and guardians have their child use the bathroom before class begins to ensure uninterrupted class time. Youth students who need to leave class to use the bathroom during class can be excused to do so at the teacher’s discretion. 

During Aerial Camp, there are designated bathroom breaks between activities. Youth students who need to leave class to use the bathroom at times other than the designated bathroom breaks can be excused to do so at the teacher’s discretion. 

Parent Policies
 Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policy
We recommend all students arrive 10-15 minutes before the first series class, camp day, drop-in class, or private to fill out paperwork. After that, we suggest that students plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class. 

Youth that arrive more than 10 minutes late to any class are welcome to stay and watch, but they will not be allowed to participate. It is dangerous to engage in any circus-related activities without a proper warm-up.

We recommend that parents and guardians arrive before your child’s class ends for pick-up. Shine Fitness Studio is not in a position to properly supervise a child after class is dismissed. Youth will stay with their teacher and at 5 minutes after class has ended will be escorted to the Front Desk. If you’re running late, please call us at 817.756.1313.

For their safety, students should wear street clothes and shoes when entering and leaving Shine Fitness Studio.

Class Observation for Series and Drop-Ins
We currently do not allow non-participating guests (such as the parents of youth students or people providing rides to our students) to wait in our lobby area while our students take classes or private lessons. We often encourage these guests to take advantage of the other services near the studio–in order to save space in the studio during busy times and help keep students focused on their work.

Liability and Youth Safety

Rule of Three
Youth are never alone with an adult in any room with a closed door. 
When teachers are working one-on-one with students, such as in a private lesson or in a solo class, we require that parents or guardians remain for the duration of the lesson in the same room as the student and instructor. 

Video Cameras
All rooms in Shine Fitness Studio (except the bathroom) are monitored by cameras. All youth series, drop-ins, camps, private lessons, and parties are video recorded for our staff, teacher, and student safety and for liability reasons as stated in our insurance policy. These recordings of youth program-related activities are stored for a period of one year.

Mandatory Reporting
Shine Fitness Studio has a zero tolerance for violence and abuse. Shine Fitness Studio will report to the appropriate authorities any situation in which we have reasonable cause to believe a child is suffering from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect.

All Shine Fitness Studio youth teachers undergo the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services online tutorial on mandated reporting in the State of Texas.

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